new full length album LUMINA available October 2013
Recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda

debut album POINTS OF DEPARTURE (2009) (more below…)

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Roam: Lumina


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Roam: Lumina

1. Dulce Dolor (3:59) Dulce Dolor
2. Whole World (3:48) Whole World
3. Mon Frère (4:41) Mon Frère
4. Anytime (4:17) Anytime
5. Geraldine (4:29) Geraldine
6. Throw Fear (5:25) Throw Fear
7. Hymn to Her (5:30) Hymn To Her
8. Can’t Stand By (5:01) Can’t Stand By
9. Ode to hope (4:12) Ode to hope
10. Silver Lining (3:15) Silver Lining
11. Big Heart (4:22) Big Heart

Hymn To Her – single edit (4:07) Hymn To Her – single edit

Album Credits, Thanks & Liner Notes

Lisa Patterson ~ lead & backing vocals, duduk, accordion, piano, alto sax
Alex McMaster ~ cello, backing vocals
Justin Abedin ~ acoustic guitar
Anita Katakkar ~ tabla, cajon

Recorded in Toronto, Canada*: Imaginit Music Studio, Noble Street Studios, Kuhl Muzik, MPW Music,
*except bata drums (Throw Fear) on location in Hotel Del Sol in Cancun, Mexico.

For the full liner notes, download .doc file.



Roam: Points of Departure

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Hear music from Points of Departure in AWAITING ATWOOD, an adventure film parody featuring cameo of Ms Atwood.